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Vaddhaka introducing themes from his book.

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The Gift Relationship

Vaddhaka’s talk at the Bristol Buddhist Centre on Tuesday 13 January.

The practice of Buddhism is based upon a spirit of generosity or altruism. Modern capitalism promotes greed and selfishness. Vaddhaka explores this clash of values and discusses what Buddhists can do to promote generosity in an economic society driven by greed.

Two talks on (i) community and (ii) work

Vaddhaka’s talks at the Padmaloka Retreat Centre in January 2015.

Does capitalism lead to a decline in community and to the degradation of work? If true, what can we do about this? Vaddhaka engages with these questions in two talks given at the Padmaloka Retreat Centre.

“The Buddha on Wall Street: What’s Wrong with Capitalism and What We Can Do about It”

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